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Decades long experience in the forging, casting, extruding and drawing of copper and copper alloyed.

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We deliver sustainable solutions and services to various industries within the Egypt. Our partners and clients value us for the quality of our products but more so the dedicated support they receive from us.

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In the shape of bars, ingots, wire and busbars.

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Established in 1938, Egyptian Metal Works (EMW) - المصرية لتشغيل المعادن - is one of the oldest and largest family-owned companies in Egypt specialising in the manufacturing of copper and copper alloys.

EMW uses a combination of horizontal continuous-casting furnaces, extrusion press and combined drawing machines to produce brass bars which are sold locally and exported to manufactures of bathroom fixtures, keys, locks and door handles, gas and water meters, welding wire and other electrical and decorative elements.

EMW also uses rotary furnaces and 3 upcast machines, followed by rod-breakdown machines to produce oxygen-free annealed copper wire which is sold to cable manufacturers, as well as copper busbars used in the manufacturing of electrical distribution boards.

In 2016 EMW produced its first Grade-A copper cathodes in our new 7000 TPY Electrolytic refining tank-house, built with Isa-Process technology. EMW employs over 200 people on a factory stretching over 40,000 metres in South Cairo and two storage and sales outlets in downtown Cairo. Over the past several decades EMW has established itself as the number one local supplier to the most respected names in the field such as Ahram Security Group and ABB Egypt. Some of EMW’s international clients include MI.GA.L and Gnutti Cirillo in Italy, Cherbros in Greece and others in Malaysia, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

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Since its inception in 1958, Egyptian Metal Works has been at the heart of the copper industry in Egypt, earning its place as a point of reference for any Egyptian company dealing with the "Red Metal".  Thanks to continuous modernization of our copper and brass production lines over the past decade, as well as our client-service oriented approach, we have been successful in sustaining long terms relationships with a long list of quality clients, both in Egypt and internationally.

Ali Hefzy Managing Director

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